STUD 5000 Lidocaine Spray For Men



STUD 5000 Lidocaine Spray For Men

STUD 5000 Lidocaine Spray For Men

Lidocaine Spray STUD 5000 helps to solve the problem of premature ejaculation and prolongs sex by an average of 5 times.

The active substance is lidocaine, the volume of one bottle is 20 mg.

Dosage and  administration

Lidocaine is a well-known anesthetic that has yet another use. The spray acts locally and delays ejaculation by reducing the sensitivity of the penis. Shake well before use. The procedure is carried out 10-15 minutes before sexual contact, the drug is valid for 60 minutes. It is enough to spray the product on the head and other sensitive places of the penis 3-4 times, so that the sensitivity decreases. The penis loses sensitivity just enough to enjoy sex and at the same time not finish.

High-quality and effective spray Stud 5000 can be purchased at the online pharmacy.

How to buy

STUD 5000 is a cost-effective drug because it lasts for 150 or more uses. Convenient spray application. It does not need to be applied by hand, which leads to an increase in the expense of the product. In addition, the lidocaine spray does not leave spots or greasy marks. Stud 5000 acts with lightning speed and, if necessary, penis processing can be repeated several times.

Spray should not be used

In cases of allergy to its components.

Side effects

The tool Stud 5000 practically does not lead to the manifestation of unpleasant side effects. However, if the recommended dose is exceeded, the sensitivity of the penis may decrease for a long period.

Important information

After the agent is absorbed (after 5-7 minutes), it is necessary to wash it off or use a condom.

Storage method

Out of reach of children.

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